italian grand prix
Italian Grand Prix is one of the most popular and longest racing events that belongs to Formula One. Italian Grand Prix takes place in Monza since 1950. The length of the route is 5,793 km, there are 11 turns and the longest straight is 1320 m.
Every year thousands of fans arrive to Italy to support their favorite racers and to bet on fastest cars. It is always exciting to know who will be the winner.

Winners of Italian Grand Prix

5 wins

A leader by number of wins is a well-known Michael Schumacher. He can boast with 5 wins, he got in 1996,1998,2000,2003 and 2006. He is a real legend of car racing and, probably, there is no person, who has never heard about this talented sportsman.

4 wins

4 wins belong to two racers-Nelsons Piquet from Brazil and Lewis Hamilton from the United Kingdom. Lewis was a winner of Italian Grand Prix 2017.

3 wins

8 racers were able to get 3 wins. They are : Tazio Nuvolari from Italy, Juan Manuel Fangio from Argentina, Alberto Ascari from Italy, Stirling Moss from the United Kingdom, Alain Prost from France, Ronnie Peterson from Sweden, Rubens Barrichello from Brazil and Sebastien Vettel from Germany.

2 wins

There are 11 racers who got 2 wins. They are Luigi Fagioli from Italy, Phil Hill from the USA, Rudolf Caracciola from Germany, Jackie Stewart and John Surtees from Great Britain, Niki Lauda from AustriaClay Regazzoni from Switzerland, Ayrton Senna from Brazil, Juan Pablo Montoya from Colombia, Damon Hill from the United Kingdom and Fernando Alonso from Spain.