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Are you giving mobile marketing the attention it deserves? Here is why you should make it a priority.

The rapid increase in the number of mobile devices is a fact that cannot be denied. According to research conducted by Econsultancy in 2015, 70% of smartphone users check their phones first thing in the morning while 56% checking their devices before going to bed. The amount of mobile devices in the world is now more than the number of people in the world. In just three decades, the mobile phone has impacted us like no other technology has before, almost making itself a necessity in the advanced world.


Today, a significant amount of people rely, to a large extent, on a smartphone for accessing online services and information – something which used to be exclusively done on desktop computers. It has become the fundamental entry point to the online world for many people and this cuts across all social, demographic and geographical lines.With the bond between users and their mobile devices continually growing stronger, one fact remains clear – the mobile phone has become the closest and easiest medium through which businesses can get to their customers. Failing to incorporate mobile in your marketing activities is therefore putting yourself in a relatively weaker competitive position in comparison to competition. The fact is, “if your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished” (Wendy Clark, Coca Cola).


Reasons why mobile marketing is important

Mobile phones are here to stay, and so is mobile marketing. Here are 5 reasons why all marketing managers should start giving mobile marketing the attention it deserves.


People look at their screen now more than ever (212 372 7404)

Research by the IDC shows that a whopping 79% of phone users have their phone close or on them at all times. Consumers now spend an average of 195 minutes using their smartphones. For the first time, mobile devices have made it possible for marketers to reach the customer 24/7. Businesses must therefore be ready to interact with their customers when they need them – whether for complaints, inquiries or shopping.


It’s personal (212 372 7404)

The most successful brands are those that are able to form some kind of relationship with the customer that allows him to consistently come back for more of the experience that the business offers. Companies are always looking for ways to get closer to the target market, but that is hard to do from behind a computer screen. This is where mobile devices come in. People carry it with them all the time not only because of their portability, but mostly because of the importance consumers attach to these devices in their lives. It is difficult to get the same emotional effect with any other media. This makes mobile marketing more personal as it allows you to get closer to consumers than ever before. This alone increases the chance of converting viewing consumers into paying customers.


It serves as a perfect back-up to reach the customer (212 372 7404)

If your marketing strategy also includes desktops, remember that chances are your target customers are also browsing on a mobile device too.  It can take several attempts from a marketer to reach a customer and become familiar with him/her. Missing the chance on a laptop doesn’t have to be a total miss. Thanks to mobile technology, you can connect through a smartphone.


SMS marketing evolution (212 372 7404)

SMS marketing has become a very influential way of getting messages straight into the customer’s hands, without the confusion of email inboxes and distraction from other channels. Text messages have at least a 90% open rate within a few minutes of their receipt among mobile users. Thus, if you are not tapping into the power of the SMS, now is the time to begin.


Mobile commerce is a reality (212 372 7404)

Shopping has evolved across all devices. While e-commerce used to be a desktop activity, consumers are now increasingly turning to mobile phones for online shopping. HubSpot reports that, mobile commerce will account for 24.4% of overall e-commerce profit by the end of 2017. Instagram, Pinterest and Google have all incorporated buying buttons to allow users to make direct purchases from their mobiles. Mobile marketing is here to stay and it will only gain more popularity as the years go by. Those who wait to join now will find it harder to join, and will have to eventually pay more to do so. Get on board now and improve business.



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