The Essence of Online Marketing To Your Business

Online marketing is not something altogether new to businesses. It has been in existence for so many years. And there are all indications that it will continue to exist through dynamism to the foreseeable future. However many businesses, especially the small scale enterprises have neglected the importance of online marketing and this has drawn back the success of many businesses. Some of the reasons why many businesses fail to engage in online marketing is money and time. The reality, however, is that customers’ exercise great care in making purchasing decision. Online marketing is therefore, an imperative if a business can capture a significant part of the crowded market.


Online marketing is a ‘must’

Any marketer will attest to the fact that there are frequent changes even in the internet world. It is important that the business read always about the industry to stay abreast with new trends in the market. Any business that neglect to get updated will be left behind. These regular changes mean the customers are growing with technological advancement and becoming more and more reachable.


Some years ago, the decision to get online was a choice but today it is an imperative if you want to see your business thrive. According to research, about 85 percent of people search for products and services online. It is at this point that online marketing is a ‘must’. Having an online visibility means being responsive to customers through the web. It involves expanding your marketing mix to cover the use of search maximized website, entertaining and growing more following on the social media as well as being responsive to customer email inquiries.


To have a maximized website, a social media following and a responsive attitude towards customer email may seem like a big load to carry. It is however, in reality the easiest thing to do. Neglecting it rather will lead you through tedious manual marketing. With just a click, you can send information to your customers all over the world. Online marketing helps you communicate to your customers any updates on the activities of the business as well as any changes in price or features.



Online marketing is an essential component of every business’s marketing mix. The world has changed and businesses must also change. Because we live in a mobile world, businesses must also be mobile. Online marketing allows your customers to take your business with them everywhere. Online marketing provides you with visibility because the internet is the biggest platform for marketing your product. Imagine that a customer needed the services or the product that you offered. He starts browsing the web contact you and to his amazement there was no search found for your business on the web. At that point, you have lost a customer. EMT Marketing is there to help you gain an online appearance. We provide you with services like, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, mobile App Designing, and many more. Call us at (212)-372-7404 and we will gladly assist you.


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Preparing a web project raises dozens of questions and hurdles for any business. Our consultants are here to help. Some questions our experienced consultants are here to answer include:

How should I design and develop my website?

There are an overwhelmingly large number of paths for building a successful online business. Our business consultants are here to help you find the best, most cost-effective route for designing and developing your website through our team’s experienced insight. With input from a full service team including senior designers, developers, marketing specialists, information architects, creative strategists and more, our consultations provide a comprehensive scope for your business to succeed online.

How should my business be branded?

Properly branding your business is vital for appealing to your target audience, but can be a difficult process to properly execute. Our Creative Strategists can help define, name, and communicate your brand in a way that speaks to your target demographic.

How should I market my website and increase visitors/traffic?

Depending on the nature of your business, there are several forms of online marketing media that could be effective at driving traffic to your site. However, the focus of our business consultants is not to merely drive traffic to your website, but to drive qualified traffic that engages with your website and yields sales or conversions. Our consultants and online marketing strategists are experts at providing blueprints to online success and will bring that expertise to the table when working on a strategy for your business.

What mobile presence is best for my business?

As mobile device usage continues to expand, a mobile presence is becoming increasingly more significant for online businesses. In order to provide the best experience for smartphone and tablet users, online businesses should work towards creating a mobile application, mobile website, or responsive website. While creating a mobile-friendly website does incur additional costs, the cost of lost opportunity far outweighs that of those of accommodating mobile devices, particularly because of continued rapid growth of mobile adoption. Our business consultants can help you decide which mobile format will be most cost-effective and successful for your business.

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