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It is an undeniable fact that video marketing is one of the shining stars in the area of marketing. This is largely due to the synchronization of social media and the participation of internet gurus. Video marketing has become a major part of the marketing strategies of bigger companies in reaching out to both actual and potential customers in order to yield a greater patronage. Businesses are using video marketing as a new and innovative way of getting in touch with customers. Videos on social media are unique and provide and provide customers with an immediate overview of the product without boring them with many words. With a simple and appealing video, the message of a product can be conveyed to customers within some few seconds. This article discusses five important things to consider in video marketing.

The time of publishing

In order to run a successful video marketing plan, you should consider the marketing schedule. Just as twitter and Facebook posts are monitored, so should the time schedules for video marketing be keenly monitored as well. It is always desirable to post series of videos about a new product instead of a single one. Organize as many stories as possible into videos which could be spread in multiples over a number of weeks.
When the content of the videos has been successfully arranged, the next step is to make schedules for posting. The videos should be arranged sequentially and the posting times should be evenly distributed to draw the customers’ attention to the great launching or a mega event. Continue to develop new video marketing strategies that will create a lasting impression in the minds of the customers’ even after the launching of the product.

Use simple videos

The manner in which users of the web communicate with each other, in recent years has been highly revolutionized by the social media. The use of simple, short form, and concise language in communication, is the preferred way. Applications such as the micro video can help you create a simple video which spans not more than 10 seconds. This is the ideal if you want to post on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Social media sites like Vine and Facebook has been proven to be most useful for video marketing as videos are automatically played as the customer scroll down his feed to view messages. In this wise, the customers’ attention is drawn to the playing video and the product is introduced to him. This helps to reach a wide range of customers at a time.


The introduction of micro video applications has brought massive improvements in the realms of video marketing. The vine of Twitter and the new video sharing feature introduced by Instagram has pushed video marketing a step forward. EMT Marketing provides a solution to all your video marketing problems. We can design for you a simple but selling video which will blow the mind of your customers. You can trust us with your video marketing and we will do it more than you expected it. You can call us on 212-372-7404.


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